ArtIficial intelligence

 for Vision Science

Welcome to the AI4VS LAB!

The Artificial Intelligence for Vision Science (AI4VS) Laboratory is led by Professor Kaveri Thakoor and is located at the Columbia University Irving Medical Center (CUIMC)

The goal of the AI4VS Lab is to develop human-vision-inspired AI to automate the analysis of biomedical images to augment and work in tandem with the abilities of medical experts to expedite the detection of eye diseases, such as glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration, and beyond.



We develop AI that is robust to data collected at multiple locations.  See some of our projects which achieve accurate glaucoma and AMD detection from multiple locations or using multiple imaging modalities such as OCT and OCTA.


We develop AI in such a way that the mechanisms behind its decision-making can be understood by clinicians.  See some of our projects using expert eye tracking and statistical odds ratio analysis to corroborate AI mechanisms.


We develop AI systems which perform accurately even on data collected with low-cost, portable imaging systems.  See our proof-of-concept work which aims to enable a broader population to gain access to sight-saving technology.

 News & Updates

Opportunities to get involved

If you are a current student in a degree program at Columbia, please see how to join us for open positions. If you are seeking a postdoctoral position in the group, please send Dr. Thakoor an email including your interests and CV. If you are interested in joining the group as a PhD student, please send Dr. Thakoor an email including your interests, CV, and transcript. 


04/2024: Michael, Ye, Roshan, and Saanvi's paper has been accepted in the Conference on Health, Inference, and Learning - heartiest congratulations to everyone!!

02/2024: Congratulations to Mingyang, Pooja, and Britney for their paper accepted in IEEE OJEMB!

01/2024: Arnav Meduri named a Top 300 Scholar in this year's Regeneron Science Talent Search Competition - congratulations Arnav!

10/2023: Ye presented his work at the OMIA-X workshop at MICCAI 2023; both Michael and Ye presented posters at the CAIT 2023 Symposium!

09/2023: Congrats to Michelle and Sana for their paper's acceptance in Frontiers in Medicine - Ophthalmology!

08/2023: Dr. Thakoor featured in the Viewpoints Ophthalmology department newsletter 'Faculty Spotlight' here

07/2023: Dr. Thakoor served as co-chair for two sessions at EMBC 2023 in Sydney, Australia, where she presented our FOI-ViT paper

07/2023: Our AI4VS Lab moved to a new space on the 18th floor of the Presbyterian Hospital Building!

06/2023: Ye Tian received the Imaging Research Award at the 2023 John T. Flynn Research Day - congrats, Ye!

04/2023: Dr. Thakoor presented at Data Science Day 2023; see her talk here;  Anurag and Joel presented their ARVO abstracts in New Orleans, LA!

03/2023: Our AI4VS Lab earned a Columbia Data Science Institute Seed Funds Grant for "Creating a Medical-Expert–AI Team Driven by Expert Gaze Data"

12/2022: Dr. Thakoor earned a Junior Faculty Award from the Provost's Office + Vagelos College of Physicians & Surgeons, Columbia University!

09/2022: AI4VS Lab launched by Dr. Thakoor!  Best Paper Award earned at the MICCAI FAIR workshop on our work toward enabling downstream AI-based AMD detection by super-resolving low-cost, portable OCT data